2d-Model of Glow Discharge Atmospheric Pressure Plasma in Helium Formed after Spark Breakdown: Calculation of the Electrophysical and Thermodynamic Parameters

In this paper, the finite difference element method is used to calculate the dynamics of electrophysical and thermodynamic parameters of helium plasma at atmospheric pressure formed after a spark breakdown of a 1 mm gas-discharge gap. In calculations, a 2D axially symmetric plasma model in the drift-diffusion approximation is employed in combination with the Navier–Stokes and heat equations. The selected parameters of the electric circuit and the initial and boundary conditions of the discharge lead to the formation of an independent stationary discharge for a direct current of ~0.1A at a temperature of ~500 K localized in a finite volume. A comparative analysis of the effect of plasma heating on the dynamics of its electrophysical parameters and discharge type is carried out.

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