Precise Level Measurement For Liquid Helium

With this device liquid helium levels in cryo containers up to 1.370 mm are displayed linearly. Several probes with different measuring lengths are available. The measuring instrument is adjusted to the requested measuring range in the factory. Due to a built-in rechargeable battery, the levels can be measured at any time, even in mobile applications. A charger, which can also be used as a power supply unit, is included. Connection options for a remote display and a recorder complete the package.
The device switches off automatically after max. 60 sec.

The measuring principle

The superconductor of the probe has a so-called transition temperature in the boiling range of helium, at which its electrical resistance becomes infinitely small. A constant current creates a voltage drop across the residual resistance, corresponding to the probe section not immersed in the cryo liquid. This voltage is displayed via a measuring bridge, which thus becomes a measure for the filling level.

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