The Rings of Saturn Disappear

Saturn is the second largest Planet in our solar system and differentiates itself visually from its neighbors. Although its interface is rather unspectacular and not with the dazzling color to compare the pattern of the larger than Jupiter, but no other Planet has rings. All the more dramatic, which tends to be the most prominent feature of the end, as researchers at the American space Agency NASA has found out. The Saturn is losing its rings. With each passing second crumble one and a half tons of ice and rubble of the rings on the surface of the planet is being adopted more widely than in the past. “It is estimated that fills this ‘Ring rain’ an Olympic swimming pool in less than half an hour,” explains the head of the research team, James O’donoghue. In astronomically, a short time, the Saturn could stand there naked.

What is Saturn’s rings?

Comforting after all that, the sense of time is different in the universe significantly different from our earthly. If the detachment progresses at this pace, it will be according to the researchers, in the 100 to 300 million years ago. A blink of an eye for the Saturn, which is more than four billion old.

The estimates of Hawaii

Overall, the charisma would have come rings tables, then spent a relatively short period of time in the company of your planet, scientists believe that a collision in front of a few hundred million years ago, strung up the rings around Saturn. In order to calculate their decay, had to leave the researchers to O’Donoghue our earth. With a Ten-metre telescope, on the Pacific island of Hawaii, they searched the atmosphere of Saturn, according to a special Form of the gas Helim. The molecule of Helium-3 is released when the debris of the rings through the atmosphere layer of the shoot and allowed the scientists to draw conclusions on the pace of resolution.

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