Influence Of Low-vacuum Helium Cold Plasma Pre-treatment On The Rooting And Root Growth Of Zoysiagrass (Zoysia Willd.) Stolon Cuttings

The influence of low-vacuum helium cold plasma treatment on the rooting percentage, root growth and physiochemical properties of zoysiagrass stolon cuttings was studied. Zoysiagrass stolon cuttings were pre-treated with 0, 100, 200, 300 and 400 watts (W) of cold plasma for 15 seconds. The cold plasma positively stimulated rooting and improved the root growth of the zoysiagrass stolon cuttings, and the 300 W treatment produced the best effect. The rooting percentage and root growth parameters, including the root length, total root surface area, total root volume, average root diameter, and root dry weight, significantly improved in response to the cold plasma treatment. In addition, the water uptake and relative conductivity of the stolon cuttings increased significantly in response to the cold plasma treatment. The results revealed that cold plasma-stimulated rooting and root growth appear to be a consequence of the improvement in permeability and water absorbing capacity of zoysiagrass stolon cuttings. The results of the present study will provide inspiration and support for the application of cold plasma in the vegetative propagation of plants.

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