From Balloons To Surgery, Helium Shortage Has Big Impact

We are in a helium shortage and it’s not the first time

If you’ve shopped at the Dollar Tree lately, you may have noticed a sign out front that says “Out of Helium.” We are in a helium shortage, and it’s not the first time. There are only a few companies in the world that produce helium. So, when one of them does maintenance, a shortage can happen. As people begin to find more and more uses for helium, we run out faster. Helium is used in the medical field and with things such as superconductors. “It can be used to cool stuff because of its light properties. It can de-gas, meaning it can take other gases out of materials,” said Ray Hoff, instrument patient service specialist at Youngstown State University. Hoff says the last helium shortage was one year ago.

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