Qatar Stopped The Production Of Helium

Qatar shut down helium plants amid a rupture of diplomatic relations with a number of states. Qatar is the second country in the world for the production of helium. Two helium enterprises in the state are managed by RasGas, a branch of the state oil and gas giant Qatar Petroleum. The production was halted, as Saudi Arabia blocked the border with Qatar, which led to the closure of the route for surface export of helium, Reuters reports. On Monday, June 5, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain broke off diplomatic relations with Qatar, accusing the country of financing terrorism and undermining security in the Middle East. Later, the Maldives, Yemen, Libya, Chad and Mauritania also issued statements on the severance of diplomatic relations with Qatar. Also, the Union of the Comoros and a number of states announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Qatar.

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