Helium Exploration in Tanzania

The company Helium One Ltd has just launched their website www.helium-one.com. Helium One Ltd is exploring and developing a new helium province in Tanzania. The company has three projects, namely Rukwa, Eyasi and Balangida in Central-North Tanzania. All contain known helium occurrences with concentrations ranging between 2.5% – 10.5% helium and demonstrate the ideal geological conditions for large gas accumulations to be present.  In the Rukwa project a maiden prospective resource assessment for helium is underway, being conducted by Netherland Sewell and Associates Incorporated (NSAI) in the USA. Helium One has acquired over 2,000 line kilometres of 2D seismic and well reports from two historic drill-holes. From this data over 20 prospects and leads have been identified. Oxford University’s Department of Earth Sciences is conducting the Company’s geochemical analysis and interpretation of helium surface samples obtained from thermal springs. It is this data that is being assessed by NSAI to create the maiden prospective resource. The project is supported by current and proposed infrastructure, namely a sealed arterial road to the port of Dar es Salaam, within 20 km of a proposed 300 MW power plant and 50km from city of Mbeya, Tanzania’s fifth largest city. The other  two projects, outside of Rukwa, are located in Central-North Tanzania. Both have exceptional helium gas concentration at surface, and ideal geology for source, reservoir, trap and seal – importantly with a high likelihood of salt seal. These projects do not have seismic data and as such, the Company has an exploration campaign planned for 2016 consisting of airborne gravity, seismic and geochemical sampling in order to elevate them to the same technical status as Rukwa.


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