Linde Awarded Contract For Helium Purification Plant For Weil Group’s Saskatchewan, Canada, Helium Project

The Linde Group has been awarded a contract to provide its helium purification and processing technology to Richmond, Virginia-based Weil Group Resources, LLC. The helium plant, to be located near Mankota, Saskatchewan, Canada, will process 10 million cubic feet per day of natural gas and produce industrial grade (99.999%) helium. The plant is expected to be operational by early 2016. Linde Gas North America LLC will purchase Weil’s industrial grade helium production under a long-term purchase-sale agreement. “The Mankota Project is of strategic value for Linde, given the dynamics of the helium market,” said Nick Haines, Linde’s head of Global Helium Sourcing. “This award not only builds on Linde’s leadership role in its worldwide supply of helium and helium processing technology, but will serve to forge an innovative alliance with Weil in helping source new helium for our customers — a vital gas with many important high-tech industry applications.” Linde is the leader in helium processing technology and gas distribution. Weil is a privately owned company exclusively devoted to finding, drilling and developing reserves for, and producing industrial grade helium. “Because of Linde’s global position and the strategic nature of helium, we are excited by this project and believe Weil’s focus on finding and developing additional reserves is well placed,” Haines said. “We are pleased to be working with them to help assure ongoing reliable supply for our customers.” Weil’s CEO, Jeff Vogt, said, “We are delighted to be working with Linde in this unique project. “Linde has proven to be creative in its technology solutions, and proactive in its posture to bring new helium to the marketplace.” The Saskatchewan helium production will be the first to come on stream since the 1960’s in the Province.

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