Programmable Helium Conservation Module


For use with the new Model 7890B Gas Chromatograph, this new module helps customers avoid the cost, and productivity losses associated with changing to alternate carrier gases. Programmed via the “Sleep-Wake” functions of the system control software and used in conjunction with the Gas Saver functions available with the 7890B GC, the Programmable Helium Conservation Module greatly reduces helium consumption for 7890-based GC, GC/MS and GC/MS/MS systems.

Benefits offered by the module include:

Seamless Integration – Carrier gas ID and set points are part of the analytical method for compliance and transfer
Greater reliability – The 7890 provides a warning if set points should the system not reach set points
Safe Operation – User of hydrogen can switch to nitrogen during system standby
Greater performance – The module acts as an intermediate pressure regulator from the tank to inlet EPC to ensure greater analytical precision
Business continuity – Extends the life of helium tanks up to thirty (30) times longer reducing frequency of replacement and the potential for missed deliveries disrupting workflow

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