Meetings Held Between Linde And Gazprom Regarding World’s Largest Helium Plant

Discussions were held recently between Linde and Gazprom regarding the cooperation agreement involving the development of what will become one of the world’s largest helium plants – Amur’s GPP Project. The Amur GPP has a capacity of up to 49 billion cubic meters of gas a year and will be constructed near Svobodny in the Amur region of Russia. Dr. Wolfgang Büchele, CEO of Linde, travelled to Gazprom’s Russian headquarters recently to meet with Gazprom’s Chariman, Alexey Miller, to discuss the cooperation agreement involving the GPP Project. The plant will be supplied via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline with multi-component gas from the Yakutia and Irkutsk gas production centers being set up by Gazprom within the Eastern Gas Program. Up to 15,000 people will be engaged in the Amur GPP construction during the busiest period. It is expected that once the plant reaches its design capacity, about 3,000 people will work there. The news of Gazprom’s helium intentions was revealed at gasworld’s first South East Asia conference in 2012. Held in Singapore, Alexey Miller presented the company’s vision of unlocking great helium reserves trapped underneath the cold Siberian fields of East Russia.

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