RescueMe Balloon Takes Flare Gun To A New Level, Uses Helium And LED Lights As Distress Signals

A person should be prepared for all sorts of unexpected events, especially when he is going for an adventurous trip — lost in the jungle, stuck in sea, injured while camping and what not, there are all sorts of possibilities. Usually, flare guns are a good way to pass distress signals, but they have their own shortcomings. RescueMe Balloon is here for the rescue as it takes the flare gun concept to a whole new level. It’s a capsule-sized device which can easily fit inside your pocket, and rather than relying on combustible chemicals, RescueMe Balloon deploys a large helium balloon in the air 150 meters in the air. It doesn’t end there, it features flashing LED lights for improved visibility for over a two mile radius, especially at night. Best of all, the Helium balloon can stay up for as long as seven days. The device comes in a small plastic canister that can easily fit inside a first aid kit. The balloon is made up of durable plastic, and it’s thick enough so it don’t puncture. The canister also features a heavy metal clip which attaches itself with your belt, backpack or any other thing you’re carrying so it doesn’t fall off or float away when inflated. In simple terms, as the company touts, “it’s a flare that lasts a week!” The projects is aiming to gather funds to enter mass production through crowdfunding website Kickstarter, but the project is not up yet so we don’t have any information about the pricing or availability of RescueMe Balloon. But, we’ll update you as soon as it hits Kickstarter.

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