First Helium Production in Canada since 1977

Quantum Technology Corporation and Quantum Helium Management Corporation are pleased to announce the start-up of their new helium purification plant in Canada this summer. Their plant has produced truckloads of helium that is ready to deliver. Quantum is looking for large and small-scale helium wholesalers who are interested in access to a reliable low-cost Canadian source of this noble gas. Helium from Canada is a new business opportunity for distributors in Canada and the USA. Quantum Technology Corporation President, Dr. Winter, said, “It is very exciting to use Quantum`s new technology in Canada. The proprietary ‘Quantumpure’ system takes dilute helium up to 99% purity. Our hard working team was able to design, build and commission this state-of-the-art plant in seven months.” Quantum Helium Management Corporation President, Dr. Marin, said, “There is an on-going global erratic supply of helium which jeopardises the operation of critical activities such as medical imaging including MRI and MEG, scientific research, and numerous industrial activities. Helium balloons and airships are also hard-hit by the lack of this inert gas. Our plant is a step in the right direction. Our tube trailers ship to customers, primarily in North America. Alternatively, our customers are invited to bring their transportation means to our site.” Helium is a non-toxic and non-flammable purified inert gas that is mined from deep underground reservoirs. The US government’s helium reserves of this non-renewable natural resource are running out and this has led to sharp price increases and supply shortages for customers. Quantum Technology Corporation products address the worldwide problem of the erratic supply of helium.

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